Terms of service

This is an agreement between you and the administrator of rarf.zone. By using this website, interacting with it via federation, establishing any connections with the server it is on via any protocol whatsoever, or surreptitiously, coercively, or forcefully accessing the server hardware (including via use of remote access protocols or software that is usable for remote infiltration and control of computer systems) regardless of the lawfulness of such access, and in consideration of your ability to access this website, you are agreeing to the terms thereof.

By using this website, you are also agreeing that the restrictions and obligations with respect to your relationship with this website and its administration applicable to you contained within also apply to any heirs, assigns, agents, representatives, successors, executors, so on so forth of yourself to the extent that they might be relevant.


To the greatest extent possible, all provisions in this agreement are to be interpreted in a manner which is maximally beneficial to the administrator.

Any references to "connecting to" or "interacting with" the server or website are to be interpreted as any activities that cause any reasonably proximal causal chains between one's actions and some sort of activity on the server or website, and explicitly is not limited to direct connections that involve no proxies, VPNs, botnets, onion routing networks, or other such abstraction layers.


In the event that any word, phrase, sentence, or provision of this document is unenforceable or illegal, it can be struck out with no prejudice to or effect upon the remainder of the document.

Applicable laws and forum selection

This website is subject to the laws of British Columbia, Canada. By using it, or by interacting with any accounts on it via another instance, you are agreeing that any litigation between you and this website is to be conducted in the courts of British Columbia.

Application of foreign statutes and law

By interacting with this website or the server that it is hosted on via any means whatsoever, including via other instances, you are agreeing to not attempt to enforce against the administrator, the website itself, the website's domain registrar, or the ISP through which access to the website is provided any law that is not applicable within British Columbia, including but not limited to laws pertaining to national security, privacy, morality, and defamation, notwithstanding the possible legal presence of any of the aforementioned entities outside of British Columbia.

"Free speech"

As per the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, s 32, Part 1 of the Constitution Act, 1982, being Schedule B to the Canada Act 1982 (UK), 1982, c 11, the Charter is solely applicable to governmental bodies. As such, claims against the administrator of unlawful censorship under s 2(b) of the Charter are categorically irrelevant.

Legal fees

To the greatest extent possible under the law, by using this website, you are agreeing that you will pay all legal fees for both yourself and the administrator or any other parties in any litigation that you initiate against the administrator of the website or the website itself.

Administrative discretion

By using this website, you are agreeing that the administration has unlimited discretion with which to exercise their administrative and moderator powers, including but not limited to revoking access and deleting posted content.


To the greatest extent possible under the law, the administrator accepts no liability for anything posted on this website, any content that is transmitted to or through this website via federation, any content that becomes available in any way due to the operation of this website, or any consequences stemming from said content. For content posted directly by the administrator via either their access to the server hardware, the instance's administration interface, or the administrator's personal account via the web interface or any other client software, they accept liability to no extent beyond what an Internet user generally accepts via posting.

Liability upon users other than the administrator

By using this website or creating files and/or database entries on its server via federation or any other mechanisms in any way, shape, or form, you are accepting liability for all content created or transferred during such use and interaction and all consequences stemming therefrom that could possibly create liability for either yourself or any party involved in providing access to the website to you.

Content deletion

Any content that might induce legal liability for its poster, the administrator, or anyone else, whether under the Criminal Code, RSC 1985, c C-46, the Human Rights Code, RSBC 1996, c 210, any other possibly applicable statutes, any possibly applicable regulations, or any possibly applicable common law, is liable to be deleted as soon as it comes to the attention of any user of this website with administrative powers.

In the event that you become aware of any such content, you are agreeing to report it to the administration for deletion and other appropriate actions and give them a reasonable period of time to respond to the report instead of reporting it to any law enforcement authorities, the domain registrar, or the ISP, unless you are prohibited by statutes of a criminal nature (referring to ones that can give rise to incarceration, non-custodial sentences, an entry on a criminal record, or other penalties aside from monetary penalties) from failing to report the content immediately.


The administrator will take reasonable measures to preserve the privacy of all users of the site to the extent that the administrator's security and administration practices in specific might have bearing upon said users' privacy, including some degree of security hardening on the server. The administrator's use of data on the server will be constrained to what is typical of the conduct of other Mastodon instance administrators.

Any actors other than the administrator accessing the site's administrative functions, database, server hardware, e-mail account, domain registration controls, or anything else of the sort (that being, any forms of access other than what is usually permitted for non-administrator users on the site or accounts on remote instances) in any way, shape, or form accept total liability for any privacy violations they bring about via their access, any exfiltration of data stored on the website or server, or any consequences of their access to the system.

Entire agreement

By using this website, you are agreeing that the entirety of the legal relationship between yourself and the administration thereof (in their capacity as administration, specifically exempting legal relations irrelevant to the website that you might have with the administrator) or the website itself is contained within this document, and that, in specific, the code of conduct, posts made in an administrative capacity, and anything else that might be interpreted as making a representation as to expectations that could be made of the site do not create any legal obligations upon the administration, website, registrar, or ISP whatsoever.


rarf.zone is a (currently) single-user instance, run by a real catdragon IRL.