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Code of conduct

The following document creates no legal obligations whatsoever, and merely sets out guidelines for proper use of this website. In specific, this does not in the slightest place any restrictions on the discretion of the administration.

Grounds for instant banning

The following make you ineligible to have an account on this website, or to interact with it via federation:

  • Being a fascist of any sort.
  • Being an employee of any law enforcement or intelligence agency.
  • Being under the age of 18.

Furthermore, the following sorts of posts will result in suspension from the instance:

  • Promotion of fascist ideology, including "anarcho-"capitalism, Nazism and any derivatives thereof including Nazbolism and Strasserism, neoreactionary tendencies such as "minarchism", and other such political lines.
  • Content that sexualises minors, regardless of its legal status.
  • Expressions of clearly intentional bigotry. (To be specific, this does not include prejudice against sociopolitically advantaged demographics.)

Grounds for summary deletion of posts

The following sorts of posts are likely to be deleted upon their discovery:

  • Content that might be defamatory, and is unlikely to be exempt from the range of statements which are actionable in court on such a basis.
  • Content which infringes copyrights or links to copyright-infringing pages.
  • Insufficiently tagged erotic, violent, misleading, or otherwise potentially inflammatory, upsetting, or triggering posts.
  • Content which could lead to criminal or other such legal liability falling upon the person posting it, the administration of the instance, or anyone else.

Conduct that might result in sanctions by the administration, possibly extending to bans


Examples of harassing conduct include, but are not in the slightest limited to, the likes of:

  • Continuing engagement with another user on either this instance or any other when they have expressed a desire for engagement to cease.
  • Using links, sarcastic boosts, or screenshots to incite engagement against a certain user by one's followers. This will usually be taken to not apply when such a strategy is used against someone engaging in oppressive, bigoted, or abusive conduct, and is more likely to be a problem when it comes to, say, sectarian squabbling or whatever.
  • Any erotic, lewd, or otherwise sexual engagement towards someone who has not explicitly consented to receiving such attention from the poster in question.
  • Evasion and circumvention of blocks and mutes against oneself.
  • Mocking people for their appearance or other such factors which they either cannot change or should not be expected to change.

Abusive behaviour

While this is a lot more likely to be addressed via the section below, as abuse often happens through private communication channels, when it occurs in public, it might also be taken as reason for administrative action.

Certain types of severe misconduct off-instance

In some cases, actions committed outside of this space might be taken as reason to preemptively suspend accounts on other instances or refuse registration on this instance. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • (Attempted) murder, unprovoked assaults, hate crimes, domestic violence, etcetera.
  • Sexual misconduct of any sort involving minors, sexual assault period, or generally being a "sex pest" or sexual harasser.
  • A track record of psychological, social, or emotional abuse.
  • Being a known or suspected wrecker, informant, or other such bad-faith actor.