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Hm. Has anything โœจinterestingโœจ happened on here over the past several months, or has it been quiet?

Got the IP corrected again,,,,

I'd set up dynamic DNS, but given how rarely I'm on here, Iโ€ฆ โ€ฆwell, I should definitely do it before the next time I leave town at all.

Update on life stuff: yep, this semester's been about as rough as the last, but in a different way. Just... ...more passive inability to pay attention instead of the acute fuckery of last time.

Still close to 2/3 done this degree, though, heck.

Oh, I guess stuff starts behaving a bit weird when I let the IP on my domain be wrong for ten days.


Oh, my IP's way too dynamic these days? That's going to cause a bunch of downtime,,,,,

Repeat it all together with me:

The problem isn't "polarization"

The problem is white supremacy

Oh, so you're a vore fan? Name 25 different definitions of "death".

Going to someone's profile and having to click "show older" ten times just to hit yesterday, without even including replies, is an absolute sight to behold. Oh my god.

Honestly, reading the shit certain Irony Mastodon types post, it's mind-boggling how much they hate autistic people the moment they stop masking.

I've got Monads suspended, but someone tell them they're a bunch of fucking dweebs for still stalking Snouts users who they chased off and/or namesearching their instance's name on Twitter months after their harassment campaign succeeded.

And several other big name Irony Mastodon types, too.

Holy fuck. I know I've got most of them blocked, but great job, assholes.

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Hey, cool, Morgan from Elekk is also lying about stuff, on top of being racist!

Wow! What the fuck!

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