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Right! This instance is going to be offline for potentially up to an hour!!

Need the hardware itself for running Windows for certain stuff, so that's kinda. Mutually exclusive with the instance running. <_<;;

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aaaaand This instance is going to be offline for a few days!

What do you all use for IMs and stuff? Or are there any of you who have Twitter accounts I'm not following yet?

Looking at my Twitter analytics is kinda funny, because at the peak of my "I'm fully committed to Mastodon" phase, I tweeted twenty times a month, got mentioned maybe ten times, that's about it?

This month, my numbers are 50x that, and it's only the 17th.


People who write music:

How do you write lyrics?
And how could I write good lyrics?

Oh, huh, I didn't realise you were into that. =3

Maybe slide into my DMs~

Election; unserious jokey untrue statements. 

Prediction: Biden wins FL, PA, TX, OH, GA, AZ, NC, IA, and LA, but loses NY. Also gets 1312 electors from ZHโ€” wait, what? Uh,

You don't get to do the whole "Well you can just block us :^)" thing after a year of insisting that blocking you is the twelfth type of liberalism or eight deadly sin or whatever, lmfao.

Just imagining the kind of mental gymnastics that'd be needed to explain the Snouts ass tattoo without making whoever inquired immediately think you were an insufferable tool, lmao.

People were so obsessed with the fedi not being Twitter 2 that they missed FYAD 2 sneaking up behind them.

The world's first Mastodon instance themed around harassing people who are Doing Neurodivergence Incorrectly,

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