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No, really, if you want a Galaxy S or Galaxy Note with better performance and thermal efficiency and you're buying unlocked, just order one from Canada or the US, if it's got the right bands for your carrier.

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Looking at the performance of Samsung's Exynos chips vs. Apple's A-series chips, I really have to say, like.

Samsung fucked up by not buying Intrinsity before Apple did, lmao.

Apple's managed to get some of the best mobile chips in the world into their phones for a decade straight, all in-house, and on the other hand, Samsung still relies on Qualcomm to make silicon for the CA/US market *and ends up with outright better phones by doing so*.

Big "just want to hecking eat decommissioned nukes or spent medical radioisotopes" vibes right now, TBH.

Speaking of that, I was wondering if FiveThirtyEight factored in voter suppression in the slightest, and holy shit, they've. Actually started doing that. In twenty fucking twenty.

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Oh, huh, 338Canada's got a prediction thing for the US election now.

Which, I mean, this ~statistics magic~ stuff always feels like it lowballs the worst possible candidates, *always*, but at least they don't try to do anything more embarrassing than statistics?

Yeah, sure, I'm a homo...


...Homo erectus. *extinct megafauna starts breakdancing*

KFC? Do you mean 🌽🌽🌽Khrushchevite Furry Club🌽🌽🌽?

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