Twitter link; prominent VA being a chud?

Hm. The guy who voiced Revali sure is interested in… …running interference for Chris Pratt and his church.

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@OchotonidKnight Gosh, I hope the dizziness wears off soon, aaaaa. But sappy is good, at least!!

I'm pretty alright? Starting to get into the part of the semester where things are getting more and more yikes, but it should be… a few days before things are *super* hectic, ahahaha.

@IceWolf Unstoppably making bad puns is absolutely a mood!!

And I hope the dissociation isn't too awful, if nothing else. x_x

I've been working on a new ref sheet for Katja for *quite* a while, and:

I'm now finished!

Meet Katja, version 4!

@tiden Oh, shit, that's. *That's* pretty awful, ugh. I'm sorry to hear that!

@tiden Oh gosh, good, yeah, I was worried when you said you had been dealing with hurricanes. I'm glad to hear it was that non-serious for you!

@IceWolf Right, right - well, I'm wishing you luck with the move and all that~

@IceWolf I wasn't here for any of this — holy shit, I'm… …really hoping things get more steady for you ASAP. That sounds rough as hell. x_x

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