Probably one of the most cursed things possible is a bus ride on which every single stop gets requested, with precisely one person boarding or exiting at each.

Oh, hey, if you're in BC, you've got until 20:00 to vote, if you haven't already.

Eight hours!!

Irish reunification and Scottish/Welsh independence are cool as heck, but what about the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, Cornwall, Northumbria, Mercia, Kent, Wessex, and East Anglia?

You know, I'm actually really curious - did Trump, back when he was rocking an S III as his daily driver (post-inauguration, too!), ever install OTAs? Because he seems like the kind of person who'd never install OTAs.

@Kaffe It's still today!

I mean, today's always today, sure, but. Who cares that it's a tautology!

ph (~) 

@kithop Yikes, wow. Well shit, I'm glad to hear you got that surgery done, at least!

ph (~) 

@kithop Ah, well I'm glad to hear you've been recovering well, at least!

Was it some kind of emergency, or no?

@OchotonidKnight Oh, like, those games where it's a huge map and you're doing diplomacy and war and all that.

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