I've been working on a new ref sheet for Katja for *quite* a while, and:

I'm now finished!

Meet Katja, version 4!

Food (cooking with Katja!). 

Even the tortilla was made from scratch!

Ask my fursona questions - about anything!

They'll be answered in character!!

Straight people will accuse us of being too horny and then literally use hashtags like this to advertise plain old food, lmao,,,,,

I seriously can't believe people are asking "*Are* we in a second wave?" in BC, when, uh.

For example: this fucker. Cape Horn Interchange, Coquitlam, BC. 19 lanes wide at its widest, where Lougheed Highway, the Mary Hill Bypass, and the Trans-Canada weave together.

Also, they've got the bridge to the southeast, the Port Mann, set up like it's two separate freeways on one bridge. 2+3|3+2, not 5|5.

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Remember when the original Galaxy Note was considered a comically, ridiculously huge phone? Well,

Art; NSFW (it's vore). 

Made this thing, I guess?

More self-indulgent than anything, yeah, but. </////<;;

Food (cooking with Katja). 

Tacos! Pork and mango marinated in orange juice with a few types of paprika, chili, and cumin, salsa made of tomato, sweet onion, peach, cilantro, and lime juice, smoked paprika mayonnaise, and tortillas from scratch!

(‼️ This is a commission! I didn't draw this!)

So I just got this piece from teacorgi on Twitter, and heck, it's,,,,,

A really good aesthetic, oh my gosh.


Look at this boxy as heck train car, and then consider that it could theoretically outpace… …some of the earlier Shinkansen rolling stock. 240km/h design speed vs. 230.

The "just throw obscene amounts of power at a fucking brick" school of train design is definitely A Thing.

🌏🌎🌍 Geography!!

Art for friends 5/?, for @shel@snouts.online! 💙

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