aaaaaaaahey It's been a while!

How're you all doing?

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@katja i made a box of mac and cheese and now i'm having candy. it's been very nice

i'm also finishing the os reinstalls and data transfers i started with last night

-- demon dog :white_heart:​

@katja Hey, welcome back!

We're doing, somewhat mixed but overall pretty okay.

@IceWolf OK, more or less! Classes are almost starting up again, so that's going to be interesting, aaaa.

@katja Aaa indeed. @,,@ We uh... kiiinda totally ran away to the other side of the country to get away from our parents and it's kinda hard to go to school there now. Still need to cancel our classes.

@katja Not all that much... except for the escape!!

Since then we're still kinda reeling and trying to get back on our paws.

@katja Oh, we tried to build a computer but the motherboard appears to be DOA. Need to figure out how to tackle that after we get housing more stabilized.

... I can't remember if you were here for that, can't remember how long it's been.

@IceWolf I wasn't here for any of this β€” holy shit, I'm… …really hoping things get more steady for you ASAP. That sounds rough as hell. x_x

@katja :blobcatheart:

yeah it seems like we found a place to live that's fairly stable. Dunno when the move-in is but it's sometime in a few days.

(We're currently living in friends-of-friends' place but we're getting kicked out of there. It's not like we're on the street or anything.)

@IceWolf Right, right - well, I'm wishing you luck with the move and all that~

@katja Not much rn! Just got done re-watching Castle in the Sky ^.=.^

@katja also earlier I got another day's prompt done for Spaceshiptember, over on Twitter

@katja just one. Ida. My mother and I got off real lucky with this one since we had extremely minimal damage; only a little rain in the living room from a window that got knocked in from wind, and a tipped-over water heater.

@tiden Oh gosh, good, yeah, I was worried when you said you had been dealing with hurricanes. I'm glad to hear it was that non-serious for you!

@katja i mean, I still consider weeks without power to be a bad thing. At least I have a generator but not thrilled about having to constantly gas it up to stay comfortable

@tiden Oh, shit, that's. *That's* pretty awful, ugh. I'm sorry to hear that!

@katja Things have been pretty good. I've passed my semester despite how much of a mess it has been.

I've been chilling the past few days ^w^

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