COVID, vaccine 

@katja got my first vaccine shot yesterday!

@katja I had a case of the Sunday evening blues, but then you gave me a good chuckle. Thanks

@katja tired of this weekend tbh. Hoping I've enough energy to stream tonight.

@katja I've been streaming Satisfactory on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays for a bit now.

Still trying to figure out mics...

@katja hey, I've missed ya! It's been really tough here honestly. More so on the mental health front. School is wrapping up which means I'm super busy :( How've you been?

@Gumby Same on the school front! Though that's mostly meant even more intense procrastination. 馃檭 Three exams next week and an essay due in eight days, fun. But I guess my mental health has been mostly [mediocre, decent]?

Been up to anything interesting/fun amidst school stuff?

@katja honestly im just hanging out with irl friends and making music when I can. That's all my life is rn

@Gumby Oh, valid! Well hey, I'm glad you're able to hang out offline, aaaaaaa.

@OchotonidKnight Decent! Right in the middle of ~exam season~, but could be a lot worse, I guess. xwx;;

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