Aaaaaaaand another semester starts. x_x

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@katja i think 2 classes are going to give me trouble this semester due to the strict way they want to implement Proctorio. Also, I already have a lab due in a week, like, a whole lab, with feedback and questions and everything required. And only 2 classes have appeared on my Canvas app so I'm still waiting for the others to pop up and show me the workload

@Gumby Oh, shit, what will they be doing with Proctorio? x_x

And that sounds like... ...oh my god. Yikes. I'm sorry to hear that, ow.

@katja it monitors everything for quizzes and tests. i have an old laptop with a built in cam and they said that's not allowed. Has to be positioned so it can see evrything, whole desk, hands, face, etc. Desk has to be clear, no phones, no music, room has to be empty, no outside noises or you get flagged. Monitors your screen and anything going on in the background, it records you and your screen too. Have to verify with ID and face scans. It's fucked up.

@Gumby Oh. Holy shit, wow, that's absolutely obscene, Christ. That's... ...

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