What do you all use for IMs and stuff? Or are there any of you who have Twitter accounts I'm not following yet?

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@katja Matrix, Discord (that I'd love to get rid of, but, y'know, WoW guild), and I guess, uh, Jami, though I don't really use it.

@kithop Yeah, Discord is the only one of those that I use. xwx;; Tried to get Matrix running once, but… …I think I might've set it up wrong, or maybe whatever implementation or client I'm using isn't suitable for my use case, or something?

@katja It's definitely a bit of messing around to get working (though honestly, Mastodon is *way* more of a pain to me between the two for ongoing maintenance). I'm just using the semi-'official' Element (formerly Riot) client, but server wise they had a helpful thing you could ping in your browser where their server would try to connect to yours and then give you a health check diagnostic readout sort of thing to let you know if it was federating correctly or not.

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@katja That said, if you ever wanted to give it another go, I might be able to help if you get stuck again, or I mean - even posting it to Masto'll probably get a couple people willing to help.

It's not a 1:1 replacement for Discord *yet* - I'm waiting to see if they manage to get persistent voice channels working before I'm ready to ditch Discord entirely - but for a rich-text chat it's decent.

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@kithop Yeah, I'll probably take a closer look at getting my Matrix stuff running in… …a while? Got an absolutely hellish week of exams coming up, and a bunch of somewhat more urgent stuff I want to deal with during the break, ahaha.

@kithop Ah, I guess I'll need to check that, then! …and also figure out how federation even works in the first place, too.

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