People who write music:

How do you write lyrics?
And how could I write good lyrics?

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@katja I started writing poetry using very cybernetic methods. Like, using poetry-generation scripts to generate ideas, and then using them as a scaffolding for my own words, and arranging it all into a strong meter. Like, meter is incredibly important to songwriting and to poetry, so you'll want to get used to playing around with it. (You don't have to memorize the names of the types of meter, or the names of metric feet or so on. That's superfluous.)

@katja Also an obscure tip that really opened up poetry and lyric-writing to me is: Actual English meter doesn't just have 2 stress levels. It has like, at least 4. Just learning how to look at a syllable and accurately assignin it a stress number from "1" to "4" will really make a person's poetry much more dynamic IMO.

@body …now *that's* a thing, huh. Thanks for pointing that out.

@katja For me the secret is: if you write lots of them, a few of them will be good.
If there's anything more reliable than that I would Love To Know

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