How's everyone on here doing tonight? 馃挋

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@katja right now my brain is screaming and my body is tired. I just want to be cute and smol

@gumby Understandable! Are you still frazzled over election everything, or is something else getting to you?

And yeah! Be cute! And tiny! Good stuff!

@katja I'm frazzled over... everything. Election, Masto, school, life. It's just a lot.

@gumby Ah, fuck, yep, understandable. x_x;;; I'm sorry to hear that.

@katja it's alright! I hope you're doing well 馃挌 :gumby:

@gumby I'm pretty OK! Taking it quite easy before hopefully finally managing to focus on stuff for the first time in a month, lsdfkjjkfsdl

@katja im gay and sleepy,,, so not much different than usual

@katja Got a mild headache and should probably be in bed by now, but otherwise we had a pretty good day. You?

@The1AndMany What'd you get up to today?

And I'm OK! Wasn't nearly as productive as hoped, but at least I feel pretty un-stressed, heck. xwx

@katja Did some homework, got a new game working (took a bit of doing), and mostly just chilled besides.

Also, nothing wrong with taking a day off!

@The1AndMany Which game?

aaaaaaaaaaand Yeah, I mean, I've spent a lot of time being anxious or ~worry~scrolling lately, so. I need to buckle the fuck down ASAP, but.

@katja Sorry, fell asleep.

It's a game called Beatmania IIDX. I recently got a hold of the PC version, and getting it to work (particularly save files) required a lot of complicated configuration. Luckily, we had a friend on Discord who walked us through it.

(Though it would be nice if we could get it working through WINE so we don't have to boot into Windows every time we want to play it...)

@katja Just thought about obsolete D-SUB ports for 4 hours, now taking a nap 馃惉

@katja 9-pin, 15-pin, 25-pin, 31-pin, and 44-pin iirc. Basically I鈥檓 trying to find a cheap and space-efficient way to connect 28 patch-points from a modified Alesis HR-16 to a MIDI-controlled breakout box.

@body ...shit, yeah, that's.

Hm. Yeah, wow, that does sound like a potentially difficult technical problem!

@katja Pretty fine.

Was am currently streaming some music making stuffs?
And yourself?

@FormulaAzureJackal What're you making?

And I'm catching up with friends tonight! Hopefully starting to be way more productive tomorrow, sdflkksfdjlkfd,,,,,,,,,,,,

@katja just a remix, which in the last hour has gotten extremely Sub Focus-y

@katja Yeah. Being under less fascism is important. Culturally.

@katja i've been writing stuff, and also i started editing videos

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