"problematic" is an annoyingly vague self-descriptor, TBH.

Did you say "fuck" in front of your grandmother once? Do you dunk on tenderqueers once in a while?

Or are you a retired CIA drone pilot?

Or, more likely, *where* do you fall between those extremes?

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@katja People who describe themselves as "problematic" almost always use it to mean "says slurs w/ friends and thinks racism is a 'difference of opinion'", tbh

@katja kinda like the people who put "cancelled" in their twitter bios

@katja calling yourself "problematic" is just "fluent in sarcasm" for millennials tbqh

@katja more or less, yeah

you'll occasionally see it pop up in like assholes of the right-wing but outwardly ~apolitical~ kind's social media bios

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