Maps that show Canadian provinces and US states but not Russian federal subjects, Indian states, or Chinese provinces are cowardly, TBH.

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@katja maps that show nations and borders are cowardly tbh

@katja My grandmother has an old globe that shows the states of the US as if they're separate countries

@katja (as in, all different colors, just like the other countries)

@katja shit, let's go further

show all three regions of Belgium, all 4 constituent countries of the UK, all 12 provinces of the Netherlands, all 16 voivodeships of Poland, all 16 federal states of Germany, all 36 states + the capital territory of Nigeria, all 47 prefectures of Japan, all 96 departments of France...

@Thaminga But, like, unironically! Let's absolutely astonish the Yanks and Maple Yanks, TBH.

@katja I would dare argue not half as cowardly as maps of North America that show Canadian provinces and U.S. states but not Mexican states.

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