It's time again!

I'm Katja, a big gay catdragon who's currently studying law, constantly divided between tens of other interests, and usually pretty friendly, I guess? They/them, 25, living in what's often referred to as Vancouver.

Things I make:
🎨 Art! For example, both pictures I've got attached to this post.
🎢 Music, though not often enough.
πŸ“„ Sometimes, I can get pretty wordy on here. (There's a reason I've got my character limit here set at 65536!)

Things I talk a lot about:
☭ Explicitly, obviously political stuff. Literal communist IRL here.
βš– Canadian law.
🐈 General furry trash posting.
🍽 Cooking. Sometimes, I'll even post recipes, if it's particularly good stuff!
🎡 Music (that I'm listening to).
πŸ™ Urban planning, transportation, etcetera.
πŸ”ž Sometimes, my posts do get into more "exciting" subject matter, but I'm pretty firm about CWing that stuff well!
βš™ Science and technology.
πŸ‰ My fursona and other OCs.

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@katja you do Communism IRL? A real-life Communist! Gee I've always wanted to see one in real life!

Hell yeah these are some cute pics too!

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