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It's time again!

I'm Katja, a big gay catdragon who's currently studying law, constantly divided between tens of other interests, and usually pretty friendly, I guess? They/them, 25, living in what's often referred to as Vancouver.

Things I make:
🎨 Art! For example, both pictures I've got attached to this post.
🎶 Music, though not often enough.
📄 Sometimes, I can get pretty wordy on here. (There's a reason I've got my character limit here set at 65536!)

Things I talk a lot about:
☭ Explicitly, obviously political stuff. Literal communist IRL here.
⚖ Canadian law.
🐈 General furry trash posting.
🍽 Cooking. Sometimes, I'll even post recipes, if it's particularly good stuff!
🎵 Music (that I'm listening to).
🏙 Urban planning, transportation, etcetera.
🔞 Sometimes, my posts do get into more "exciting" subject matter, but I'm pretty firm about CWing that stuff well!
⚙ Science and technology.
🐉 My fursona and other OCs.

:blobcatrainbow: COMMISSIONS OPEN :blobcatrainbow:
hey i'm opening commissions cuz i'm currently living with my partner out of the country and wanna help support us!!! dm me on telegram!! :slimeboi:

icon: $20 usd
full body: $35
detailed background: +$5-10
gifs: starting at $45


How've you all been doing for the past… …few weeks?

Got this thing working again, for... ...until the next time my IP changes, dfksjkfdjksd,,,,,,,,

Do old versions of Mastodon ever… …become incompatible with newer ones?

Using statistical analysis and machine learning to generate a complete conlang from whatever that guy was singing in Pri̇sencóli̇nensi̇nái̇nciúsol,

Haha guess what y'all xD I've come up with the funniest joke ever xD

Making phalluses flat xDD

I can't believe no one's ever made a joke out of this and then kept repeating it for six months straight xDDD

Hm. Has anything ✨interesting✨ happened on here over the past several months, or has it been quiet?

Got the IP corrected again,,,,

I'd set up dynamic DNS, but given how rarely I'm on here, I… …well, I should definitely do it before the next time I leave town at all.

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